Adult Only Accommodations

Hidden Treasure Suites Photography
hidden treasure in ucluelet - Portside

Hidden Treasure - 3 Bedroom

Hidden Treasure is our private Lodge Suite. It is Ucluelet’s only 1200+ square feet, 3 full bedrooms private oasis.

Deluxe Lodge Suites Photography
ocean front vacation rentals in ucluelet - the lodge

Deluxe Lodge Suites - 1 Bedroom

Wonderfully appointed suites with king-size bed, and private deck.


Sweet Forest Suite

Sweet Forest Suite - The Cabins - Ucluelet

Sweet Forest Suite

Seeking the ultimate refuge, guests will retreat to the solace and calm of this lower ground floor suite.


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Discover More About Our Ucluelet Cabins
Seeking the ultimate refuge, guests will retreat to the solace and calm of one of the vacation rental of the Cabins. We invite you to prepare yourself to shed all the stress and troubles of your daily life.

Curl up in front of the stone fireplace with a book or simply gaze out the floor to ceiling windows at old growth forest and the tides of Terrace Beach.

The Cabins offers a wide array of Ucluelet accommodations. Choose among our Lodge Accommodations or Oceanfront Accommodations for the ultimate real west coast experience; waking up by the sound of the ocean waves and enjoy a book while overlooking the peaceful scenery of Terrace Beach. You can also choose one of our condo style accommodation for a “home away from home” experience while overlooking the Spring Cove. Finally, you can go for an authentic cabin and soak in to the sound of birds while enjoying the rainforest majestic scenery with our choice of Rainforest Accommodations.

Doing Our Part
As a business that accommodates visitors to the Vancouver Island Pacific Rim, we operate our accommodation resort style business with an awareness of the impact that we have on the environment around us. We incorporate the following initiatives and programs to help preserve and protect the environment and wildlife around us.

The Cabins BEARhavior Program ®

Black bears are opportunists, garbage can be an easy meal for them. If they succeed in getting food from garbage once, then they will continue to return to the same location for food, and will go to greater and greater lengths go get this food reward. Once a bear has been reported within the town limits, conservation officers have no choice but to destroy the bear, due to the risk the bear poses to residents and visitors. We don’t want to be responsible for the killing of any bears, nor do we want any of our guests to be in danger of having an encounter with one.

This is why we have started the cabins BEARhavior program® which involves the following:

  • No outside garbage bins on any of our Cabin decks.
  • All garbage is kept inside for pick up and goes directly to our Bear Proof Garbage bin.
  • Daily In-Cabin Garbage pick up upon request.
  • Scheduled in-Cabin garbage pick-up after every two nights (on your third day).

A bear aware orientation upon check-in which can include our help with booking you on safe and respectful ‘bear watch’ tours in the area (as opposed to dangerous ‘bear watching’ on the local highway which has proven to cause vehicle accidents and endanger the local bear population).

The Cabins Recycling Program

Part of our cabin culture is feeling gratitude for the beautiful place we live, but that alone is not enough. We feel it is our responsibility to become custodians of our environment and encourage our guests to adopt the same approach while visiting with us. One of the ways in which we do this is by reducing the amount of garbage that we send to our local landfill, and recycling all of our recyclable materials.

*At this time businesses in our area are only able to recycle returnable beverage containers. We hope to have the ability to recycle other items in the future. In the meantime please be aware that only bottles and cans can be recycled here and everything else will end up in our local landfill.*

Come Explore The West Coast Of Ucluelet, Tofino & The Pacific Rim National Park!