Covid19 Information

Dear Guests,

Please see Cabin Nation’s current NEW 2020 information on Covid19.

Individual Cabins & Sabbitical Suites Now Open

Dear Guests,

Cabin Nation is NOW OPEN taking reservations for the summer of 2020.

Please be assured that we will follow all the directives issued by the Province and WorkSafe BC. All protocol and safety measures will be in place to protect both our guests and staff. Our Cabin Care Team will be practising all the COVID-19 Housekeeping Guidelines and Practices.

Individual Cabins & Sabbatical Suites
Our Cabins and Sabbatical Suites are individual self-contained Cabins with full kitchens and private entrances. Each individual Cabin and Sabbatical Suite allow our guest to practice safe physical distancing, even while on the deck enjoying a BBQ or Happy Hour.

Self-Check Ins & Self-Check Outs
The Cabins Guest Service Team has been working on our self-check-in and self-check-out system offering our guest a safe way to check in and chill out all the while practicing safe physical distancing. Upon arrival guest will have an easy Self-Check in with a welcome package and upon a Self-Express Check Out after your stay.

Safe Physical Distancing
As our guest to Cabin Nation and the West Coast, we ask everyone to respect and commit to practising safe physical distancing during your stay on our property, on the trails, on the beaches, in our communities and in the Pacific Rim National Park during your visit.

Self-Supplies & Self-Sufficient
We will be asking our guest to bring as many of your own supplies from your home thus avoiding the need to shop during your stay and to further promote the practice of safe physical distancing while you are our guest on the West Coast. We are also working with the wonderful team at the Ucluelet CO-OP for on-line same day to your Cabin, if need be.

Book Yourself a Cabin or Sabbatical Suite
To book a cabin or Sabbatical Suite, enter the dates you wish to stay, enter the number of guest, and/or the number of pets. All available cabins and suites will be displayed including the rates, a photo and video gallery and description of each available option: select and book the cabin or suite that best meets your needs and budget.

✌️Book your stay

GO Cabins Vacation Property Management
Under the brand The Cabins at Terrace Beach

Covid19  Policies

As of August 1st 2020 

We have returned to our pre COVID-19 booking policies.

Booking & Cancellation Polices: All pre COVID-19 policies are now in effect. Our policies can be found here:

Bookings made outside of 30 days before check in date: 
The guest will be charged 50% of the total price at the time of booking. This payment is non refundable.

The remaining 50% will be charged 30 days before the check in date: We will process the balance 30 days before the arrival date; At this time 100% payment of your stay is non-refundable. At this time we will send a second reservation confirmation that will include a zero balance owning.

Bookings made within 30 days before check in date: The guest will be charged 100% of the total price at the time of booking. This payment is non-refundable.

In the event the British Columbia Provincial Government or Provincial Health Authorities moves from Phase 3 back to Phase 2 and restricts travel due to COVID-19 you will then receive a full credit.

Full Credit

Your credit will be valid for Five Years from the date of your original reservation. Your credit is the dollar amount that you paid and will be applied to your new booking and related rate. Depending on the time of year you use your credit, the rate may be higher or lower or the same. You are also entitled to gift your credit to a friend or family member of your choice.

Please note, there are no refunds to reservations related to COVID-19


Go Cabins Vacation Property Management
Under the brand The Cabins at Terrace Beach

Self-Check-In & Self-Check-Out Program

In light of the current environment related to COVID-19 the management has decided the best way we can support a safe and social distance for our guest and staff, is to offer a “SELF-CHECK IN” and “SELF-CHECK OUT” program. 

Self-Check-In After 4:00PM

Starting at 4:00PM we will begin our self-check ins: Upon arriving, each guest will have an envelope with your name on it at the self-check-in board located at the front deck of the check in centre. This program will last throughout the summer of 2020 and will offer a safe way to check in and chill out all the while practicing safe physical distancing.

If you have a remaining balance, we will process the balance on the credit card we have on file. If you arrive after our office hours of 6:00PM no worries, your envelope will be on the self-check-in board.

Welcome Package 

Inside your envelope will be a key and a map with instruction to your cabin or suite. Also enclosed in your envelope will be additional information related to our 2020 COVID-19 protocols during your stay and before checking out. It is important that you read and respect all In-House Rules and Policies.

Self-Check-Out Before 11:00 AM

Before 11:00AM we ask that you follow all the COVID-19 Check Out Protocol before dropping your keys in the drop box located on the front deck of the check in centre. It is important that you read and respect all CVIOD-19 check out policies including the instructions left on totes you will have for your bedding and towels.


We’re taking all steps to avoid any transmission risks associated with COVID-19 and will take all necessary safety precautions that adhere to the B.C. Government cleaning recommendations and WorkSafe B.C. protocols. We want to ensure your experience is a safe and memorable one. 

Go Cabins Vacation Property Management 

Under the brand The Cabins at Terrace Beach 



Cabins Care Housekeeping Policies & Protocol

Housekeeping Guidelines and Practices.

Regular cleaning of all common areas, guest rooms and work rooms is essential to protect the health and safety of guests and staff from COVID-19. We will not be providing regular garbage and towel replacement services during a guest stay.  We will be putting a 24 space in between all reservations. This is will allow us time to clean the rooms properly and to maintain guest’s arrival expectations. 

Employees are Required to adhere to:

  1. Stay at home if you are sick to avoid spreading illness to others. Take a daily health assessment as provided by BC Ministry of Health.
  2. ALWAYS practise diligent hand hygiene:
    1. Wash your hands regularly with plain soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol- based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.
    2. Antibacterial soap is NOT required for COVID-19.
  3. Practise cough etiquette – cough into your elbow or cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue when you sneeze. Immediately dispose of all used tissues in an appropriate waste bin and wash your hands right away.
  4. Do not touch eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands or gloved hands.
  5. Do not share food, drinks, utensils, cigarettes or vaping devices.
  6. Post signs to encourage hand hygiene among all staff and guests.
  7. Put up signage in the facility to promote physical distancing.
  8. Encourage staff to avoid touching personal items of guests, such as luggage.
  9. Staff are NOT permitted to eat their lunch in dirty guest rooms.

Protocol for Masks

In accordance with provincial guidelines, masks are to be worn when physical distancing of 2 metres cannot be maintained.  Cloth masks are acceptable, ensure that you are using the masks properly.  Masks need to be fitted properly to ensure it is performing as it should be.  If you are wearing a mask, diligent hand hygiene is still required.

General Cleaning Measures

Approved cleaning products must have a Drug Identification Number and Viricidal Claim.  One cleaners have been sourced with these approvals:

  1. Eco Lab Neutral Disinfectant – fabric surfaces
  2. Oxygenic – by Maxim Chemicals.

Public or Common Area Surface Cleaning

Staff will be trained on cleaning and sanitizing procedures for all surfaces as well as laundry/linen handling procedures.

  • Hard surfaces like, wood, glass, ceramic, steel need to be cleaned and wiped down with disinfectant.
  • Clean the surfaces then spray disinfectant and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the surface is properly disinfected. (Varies by manufacturer)
  • Do not use the same rag from unit to unit, clean rags or paper towels must be used for each unit/room and refreshed throughout the unit cleaning.
  • Use a new mop head for each unit.
  • Ensure daily cleaning and disinfection of all common areas and surfaces. Set up a schedule of when to clean the surfaces. Surfaces at guest services area should be cleaned after each guest – including door handles, chairs, elevators, a record of all cleaning should be kept visibly on site
  • Work areas to be disinfected and sanitized for the next person at the beginning and end the of each shift.
  • Ensure high touch surfaces in public areas are cleaned at least twice daily. This includes doorknobs and handles, light switches, tables, chairs and work surfaces in staff rooms, desktops, washrooms, point of sale devices and menus.
  • Clean visibly dirty surfaces before disinfecting, unless stated otherwise on the product instructions. Cleaning refers to the removal of visible dirt, grime and impurities.  Cleaning does not kill germs but helps remove them from the surface.
  • Use a disinfectant that has a Drug Identification Number and viricidal claim. Follow the instructions on the label.
  • Floors and walls should be kept visibly clean and free of spills, dust and debris.
  • Empty and clean garbage cans in public areas regularly.
  • Items that cannot be cleaned and disinfected should be removed (magazines, toys, games, decor).

Housekeeping/Guest Rooms

  • Housekeepers are to practice diligent hand hygiene (using soap and water or hand sanitizer) before entering and leaving each guest room.
  • All guest rooms are to be fully cleaned and disinfected after use. Special attention to be given to frequently touched items such as toilets, sinks, faucets, doorknobs, light switches, telephones, remote controls, fridges, stoves, cupboard doors and handles.
  • Ensure an adequate supply of clean towels, toilet paper and plain hand soap is available in the guest rooms.
    • If individual bars of soap are provided in the guest bathrooms, all remnants must be thrown out when guests vacate their rooms.
  • Ensure all dirty linens are bagged and taken directly to the laundry. – Instructions will be provided for each guest on how to bag their linen prior to departing from their room.
  • Use a vacuum with a HEPA filer (James) on all floors and carpet.


Do not bring any clean items into the room before the room has been cleaned and sanitized.

Kitchen Area

  • All cutlery and glassware must be put through the dishwasher. The cutlery drawer and divider cleaned and sanitized as well as the outside cupboard doors and handles.
  • Check pots, pans, and other kitchen items, if clean they can be left
  • All surfaces of the kitchen to be cleaned and sanitized.
  • Ice cubes trays should be clean and empty
  • Take out coffee filters from amenities basket.
    • Only leave sealed items in basket
  • Wash and sanitize dish soap dispenser
  • All garbage should be in tied shut immediately


  • Upon entering the unit after wiping down the touch points (light switches, door knobs) spray down the entire bathroom (bath, shower, toilet, countertop, sink, cabinet and floor). Let the solution sit for 10 minutes prior to cleaning.
  • Replace shower curtains between guests
  • Remove all amenities including the remainder of the toilet paper roll and tissue box and bring back to the Housekeeping office. They will be stored there for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to a guest room.
  • Remove all garbage and spray garbage can inside and out, thoroughly clean receptacle
  • All garbage should be placed tied shut immediately
  • Only stock limited items in units, guests can request more if needed
    • Limited towels based on how many guests will be checking in
    • 1 back up toilet paper per bathroom and no back up Kleenex

 Living Room

  • Any excess décor that is not cleanable will be removed before putting the room into service
  • Mist couches and fabric chairs with disinfectant or use steam cleaner
  • Throw pillows and throw blankets are to be bagged and stored until further notice

Bedrooms and extra linens

  • Extra linens for sofa beds need to be bagged
    • Should any of bagged items be opened, the items need to be brought to laundry room to be cleaned, bagged and sealed for the next guest.
  • Throw pillows are to be bagged and placed under the bed for storage, until further notice.
  • Disinfect dressers and end tables


  • The laundry attendant is to wear, disposable gloves when handling dirty laundry and discard after each use. Wash hands after gloves are removed.
  • Do NOT shake dirty laundry. Minimize the possibility of dispersion of the virus through the air.
  • Clearly mark laundry bins are “clean” and “dirty”. Ensure dirty laundry only contacts dirty laundry bins and clean laundry only contacts clean laundry bins.
  • Clean and disinfect clothes hampers according to manufacturer’s guidance.
  • Clean, disinfect and sanitize the front-loading areas of the washing machines frequently.
  • Wash and dry items in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the warmest possible water setting.  Dry all items thoroughly.
  • Disinfect the laundry rooms and folding tables during the day to keep the staff common areas clean

Stay Over Services

  • Units equipped with washers and dryers will be responsible for washing their own linens if they so choose. Laundry soap will be provided.
  • Units not equipped washers and dryers will be provided clean linens for them to change themselves once a week
    • They will also be provided a clear bag for their used linens which we will take to be laundered
  • Guests will be responsible for taking out their own garbage and will be provided a key


If part of the property is at risk (i.e.  Fire or flooding in a unit or anywhere on the property), try to assist the guest or owner over the phone, determine if 911 should be called.  If the problem is not resolved, prior to entering the guest unit, ensure proper personal protective equipment is worn in order to best deal with the emergency.

Call 911 if necessary and call the General Manager.

Safe Distancing Practices

Similar to all responsible protocols and actions we take in our day to day lives to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  We will carry those through our operational areas to protect our guests and staff by: Waiting for a guest to pass in stairways and walkways before proceeding to your destination. Remember to be courteous, smile and acknowledge our guests.