Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far are The Cabins (Ucluelet) from Vancouver? Victoria? Seattle?

Answer. The Cabins are in Ucluelet, B.C. on the west coast of Vancouver Island at the end of Hwy 4. Driving times vary depending on the weather and time of day. Generally the traveling times are as follows:

Nanaimo to Ucluelet approx: 2.5 – 3 hrs

Vancouver to Ucluelet (via BC Ferries at Horseshoe Bay) approx: 5 – 6 hrs

Victoria to Ucluelet approx: 3.5 – 4 hrs.

Seattle to Ucluelet approx: (Via BC Ferries at Tsawwassen) 7 – 8 hrs

BC Ferries Reservations

Driving Directions

Q. Can I reserve a playpen?

We have a couple of playpens. Limited options, respectfully. They will most likely be in use by other guests. Please note we can not guarantee a playpen will be available. Other guests that check-in before you may already be using our playpens. They really are just for emergency situations to help guests who cannot bring a playpen.

Overseas Guests: Our guests from overseas have first priority as they can not pack a play pen (and note we host many overseas guests all year round). We still cannot guarantee a playpen will be available, so please confirm beforehand.

Domestic Local Guests: We ask all local domestic guests travelling with a vehicle to bring their own playpen and anything to do with child safety, such as gates etc.

Q. Is there dishware and cutlery provided at The Cabins?

Yes, We provide all dishware and cutlery for use inside the cabin. One bedroom cabins are equipped with 4 place settings and the two bedroom cabins with 6 place settings. As well, pots and pans (including a large Crab Pot) are provided along with a strainer, cheese grater, casserole dish and mixing bowl. All units have a toaster, coffee maker, teapot, microwave, kettle and a BBQ on the deck. We provide the full propane tank too! Note: you may want to bring your own blender, cookie sheet, and/or other misc. kitchen items that you do not see listed above.

Q. Are there bed linens and towels provided at The Cabins?

Yes, we provide bed linens and towels for use inside the cabin. Dish cloths and towels are provided in the kitchen with the oven mitts/pot holders. Dog towels are provided and encouraged for use on your pet instead of our guest towels. Please be sure to bring your beach and or surf towels, maybe even a beach chair, with you to make the most of your beach experience. (We encourage you to go to the beach ~ just not with one of our lovely towels in the cabins please!)

Q. What should I bring to enjoy the coast?

Here is a list of items that we recommend bringing

  • Binoculars for wildlife viewing
  • A water bottle & a DAY PACK for some snack foods and a warm top/jacket
  • Sturdy shoes or good hiking boots or water shoes
  • In summer; beach attire, blankets & towels
  • Raincoats/pants and rubber boots are a good idea ~ umbrellas are not

There are local convenience stores that you can rent from while visiting, however, our selection is not that of a larger city.

Pack to dress in layers. During the winter, it is most often mild/warm, but can become much colder when the skies are clear. Carry an additional light jacket or a wind/rain shell. In winter, snow may be experienced through the Alberni Valley… Good winter tires are recommended from December through January.

Q. Is there housekeeping at the cabins?

Answer: Here at the Cabins, we refer to housekeeping as ‘Cabin Care’. We have simplified our ‘Cabin Care’ due to feedback from guests over many years. We provide a well stocked and clean self-sufficient accommodation, and we plan on leaving you alone during your stay. If you need anything during your stay, just ask.

Garbage: We ask guests to please call Guest Services before 12 noon if you need your garbage disposed of while you are in house. For guests who would like to dispose of garbage themselves or after office hours, we include a map with each check in package which includes the location of the closest Bear Proof Garbage Bins are on property. It is very important that guests do not leave any garbage bags outside as we do not want to attract bears or other critters.

Towels and linens: Towels or linens for any units will be replaced upon request.

“Respect”: We ask all our guests to leave their units as tidy as possible out of respect for the Cabin Care Team that will clean after your departure.

Pets on the furniture, smoking inside, dirty dishes and anything else that requires excessive cleaning/attention; will result in additional charges.’

As always, we tell all guests, “If you need something – please ask”. Our Cabin Care Team is always happy to help.

Q. Is there Spa service at The Cabins?

Yes and No.
We do not have a Spa here at The Cabins. Having said that, there are various Spas and Wellness Therapists in Ucluelet and Tofino. We can provide you with their contact information so that you can speak with them directly and discuss/book appointments. A couple of fantastic Wellness Therapists have come/will come to your cabin for treatments, upon request. If you arrange an in-cabin treatment, please inform our staff to ensure that our team does not disturb you at this time.

Q. Are there discounts for large groups or travel industry professionals or government employees?

Currently, there are no discounts for large groups, travel industry professionals, or government employees.

Q. Are any of the cabins for sale?

Cabins may become available for sale on occasion and new cabins are being built at other Cabin branded locations. To stay informed on investment and sales opportunity, please e-mail your interest and contact information to If any of these opportunities arise, you will receive e-mail notification.