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Cabinos at the Cabins

Family-Friendly West Coast Getaway: Unwind at The Cabins at Terrace Beach

Finding an appropriate accommodation while travelling on the west coast with kids can be a challenging task. Hotels usually won’t do the trick. You need all the amenities you would have in your own home. But don’t worry, the Cabins at Terrace Beach, we proud ourselves to be “your home away from home” and we are by far, one of the best place to have your family vacation.

All Cabins are available to bring in your kids in the exception of The Lodge because of noise issues. We hope that you, and your kids have a memorable experience together while staying at The Cabins!

Ucluelet’s beaches are perfect for building sand castles and the Wild Pacific Trail offer interpretive programs during the summer. Family-friendly activities include wildlife watching, camping, kayaking, hiking, skateboard parks, ziplines, geo-caching, catch and release aquarium and much more!

VERY IMPORTANT: Please note No Kids In The Lodge, respectfully.

Q. Can I reserve a playpen?

It is the responsibility of each guest to know and understand the floor plan and layout of the specific Cabin or Sabbatical suite you have booked. Each Cabin and Sabbatical suite has a full description and photo gallery on our web site. We do not guarantee a playpen or baby gate will be available during your stay. We ask all domestic guests traveling mby vehicle to bring your own play pen and anything to do with child safety such as safety gates.

Overseas guest have first priority for playpens and we receive many overseas guest, partially over the summer months.



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